Zero Order Waveplates Standard Specifications
Material Optical Grade Crystal Quartz
Diameter 10.0mm-50.8mm
Diameter Tol. +0.0, -0.13mm
Parallelism ≤0.5 Seconds Per Plate
Clear Aperture 90% Typical
Surface Quality 10-5
Retardance λ/4 or λ/2
Retardation Tol. λ/200- λ/500 @ 21° C
TWF Distortion λ/10 @ 632.8nm Per Plate
Coating <0.25%R @ Specified Wavelength
 Damage 15J/cm2, 10ns pulse @ 1064nm 

Zero Order Waveplates

A zero order waveplate is constructed of two multiple order waveplates (optically contacted, bonded or airspaced) with their axes crossed. Thus, the effect of the first plate is canceled by the second, except for the residual difference between them. For example, crossing a 10 1/4 wave retarder with a 10 wave retarder results in a unit with an overal retardance of one quarter wave. Any temperature or wavelength induced changes in retardance are also nearly canceled out due to this construction. A zero order waveplate thus provides better thermal and spectral stability than a multiple order waveplate, while offering similar mechanical strength characteristics.

Quarter Waveplate Design

Quarter waveplates transform polarized light between linear and circular polarization. The orientation of the input linearly polarized light must be incident at 45˚ to the crystalline axis.

Half Waveplate Design

Half waveplates rotate the orientation of linear polarized light. The rotation angle is twice the angle between the incident polarized light orientation and the crystalline axis. Thus, a half waveplate rotates vertical polarization 90° to horizontal polarization, when the linear polarization is oriented at 45˚ to the crystal axis.

Note:  Mounted waveplates will have approximately an 85% Clear Aperature





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10.0mm Coated Quarter Wave Zero Order Waveplate @ 248 nm

ACC(CELL MOUNT) 10.0mm Zero Waveplate

$395.00 + $50.00 each.