Photop Custom Waveplates

Photop carries over 100,000 uncoated waveplates in inventory and has developed computer-aided selection software to allow us to quickly match customer requests for both multiple and zero order retarders. This allows quick response for prototype orders. Typical retardance tolerance is between ?/200 - ?/500 Custom orders can be manufactured to any specific retardance in a variety of sizes and shapes. Please contact our sales engineers to discuss your special quartz polarization component requirements.




Dual and Harmonic Waveplates

These are multiple order waveplates which provide a specific retardance at two different wavelengths (e.g. quarter wave at 1064nm and half wave at 532nm). Dual wavelength waveplates are offered at a variety of popular laser wavelengths and harmonic waveplates are used at 1064nm and various harmonics. These components are particularly useful when used in conjunction with other polarization sensitive components to separate coaxial laser beams of different wavelength.

Dual and Harmonic Standard Specifications

Material                  Optical Grade Crystal Quartz

Diameter Tol.         +0.0, -0.13mm

Parallelism             <0.5 seconds

Clear Aperature      90% Typical

Surface Quality       10-5

Retardation Tol.      ?/100

TWF Distortion       ?/10 @ 632.8nm

Coating                 AR Coatings at Specified Wavelength


Send us your custom waveplate requests to and one of our technical staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.



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